The Jewish Academy | Why You Should Consider a The Jewish Acasemy Education
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Why You Should Consider a The Jewish Acasemy Education

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider a The Jewsh Academy Education are as follows:

  1. We offer an elite education for all Jewish families.
  2. We use technology and modern education practices to differentiate instruction to suit each child’s needs.
  3. We inspire a love of Israel and connection to Israeli culture.
  4. We meet and exceed the Sunshine State Standards.
  5. We make Jewish education affordable and accessible to all Jewish children.
  6. Jewish values are learned and lived, becoming an integral part of our school culture.
  7. We nurture the development of the whole child and emphasize life skills together with academic excellence.
  8. Studies have shown that children with a quality Jewish education are more likely to marry Jewish and stay involved in the Jewish community.
  9. We provide a complete Hebrew language program.
  10. The Jewish Academy becomes your family’s extended family and community.
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